The Universe chose to pour light into David more than 30 years ago. That was the start of his amazing spiritual journey.

David has created dozens of spiritual world-firsts.

  • He ran a highly successful healing practice for ten years using evolutionary techniques to dissolve past-life patterns that dogged present life situations.
  • Created dozens of spiritual tools for self-development.
  • Closed his healing practice in 2004 and founded the Emerald Heart School of Enlightenment in 2005 based on the Universal Laws he was given.
  • Written 8 books.
  • Had his own spiritual radio show, Emerald Heart Radio.
  • Been featured on TV and radio in the UK and the USA.
  • Has lectured at University in spiritual development matters.
  • Conducted spiritual retreats in the UK and abroad.

His spiritual abilities continue to develop and he currently transmits Darshan on a regular basis and runs a world-wide Earth Healing Community called Circle of Light.

How does it work? 

David can manifest Light anywhere in time and space. He uses this technique in particular to support people all over the world by manifesting Light into their hearts.

The Earth is a living being and she has taught him many of his techniques in how to bring healing to her.

How will David work on my house?


You give him the location and he looks this up using Google Earth. This gives him a clear picture and a feel for the place. He can even view the location from space using this technology, which can be very useful at times. For example, he was working on a plot of land in the middle of Africa at one time, and also on land near a holy mountain in Columbia. To be able to view how these places sit in the landscape from high above the earth can be very helpful.

The Practicalities

Once David has identified all the details that he needs, he uses his intuitive and deep-feeling abilities to begin the process. He will use one or more of a number of spiritual techniques to cleanse, heal and uplift the vibration of the land and property.

Do I need to leave the house?

No, you do not need to leave the premises. Once David initiates the process, Higher Consciousness takes over and does the work. This might be the Earth Mother, the Universal Consciousness or a combination of both. These higher forms of consciousness know exactly how to proceed without the work upsetting the balance of your everyday life.

How long does it take?

David usually spends some time in the preparation and initiation of the cleansing and healing event. Once he initiates it, the process goes by itself and can last up to 3 months. David will monitor it during this time and allow it to come to a natural conclusion in its own time. Each place various due to the energies that occupy the space.

Will I be able to feel the changes?

People who are sensitive feel it immediately the work begins. Those who are less sensitive often suddenly feel the change some weeks later. Often it is others who notice that something is different about you and comment on it. Of course, it is your vibration which has been raised as a result of the cleansing and uplifting process. People feel the difference in you but can’t figure out what it is, so they ask you what have you changed about yourself.

Why does my place need cleansing or healing?

To answer this fully, would fill a book, but essentially, at a vibrational level, everything is in motion and certain atoms will attach to other atoms. This is why sometimes when you walk into a building you get a very bad feeling. The building will have absorbed energy from anything dark or negative that has resided in that place or even just passed through. The same with land. If land is not cleansed spiritually before being built upon, then any toxic energy will flood the new premises. The emotions of people leave a massive imprint in this world, much larger than most people could imagine and that is something that you don’t want to be absorbing into your own energy system.

For example, if you moved into a used house, would you wear the previous occupant’s underwear or sleep in their bed? No, that would be revolting, but you don’t think about breathing the emotional energy through your aura that they leave behind. Also, in house negotiations, many people make a big issue about keeping the carpets and curtains from the previous occupants. You really do not want to have this energy in your life.

Additionally, there can be psychic phenomenon that can be left behind by visitors to the premises. Plus, sometimes spirits and entities. An entity is just a form of free-roaming consciousness that can cause a great deal of disturbance to your consciousness.

Cleansing a Farm

In one cleansing I did for a dairy farm, I identified a really dreadful energy in one of the fields. The farmer told me later that he had lost dozens of cattle in that field the year before. They had been poisoned by energy, not something like chemicals. That is an extreme case, but it gives you an impression of how powerful the energies in the earth can be.

It might seem quite mysterious to some, but it is actually all very scientific as all life is electro-magnetic in nature and if you have a bunch of negatively charged particles hanging around in the fabric of a building, then they will attract others of their type. Like attracts like. Over time, these can build up to a heavy toxic smog.


I was called to a house in Derbyshire as the owner was not happy with the feel of the place. The energy in the house was so angry and discordant that it was very clear this would set occupants against each other. If one person said one thing, then the other person would be bound to disagree just to be objectionable. The overwhelming feeling was that this was a house where divorces would be more or less guaranteed. The occupant told me later that in fact, he had divorced since living here and that also the two previous couples had divorced as well. This was a house that was changing hands regularly.

Mischief is Afoot

Here is just one more example, which was actually quite unusual. I was called to a country house in Yorkshire where the people were having a great deal of difficulty staying awake when in the house. They were fine when out at work but as soon as they came home, they were too tired to do anything. This case took a bit of figuring out but I followed my inner guidance and was taken to a wood nearby. As I spent some time tuning in around the woodland an energy of irritation grew within me. At first, I thought I was irritated, but I do know how to separate my own emotional energy from that which I am investigating. To cut a long story short, certain nature spirits in the woodland had enchanted the house and were using any occupants like a generator. As soon as anyone came into the house, they were taking their energy and so they would fall unconsciousness very quickly. Of course, the occupants thought they were just falling asleep all the time.

Our world is a very interesting and mysterious place. If we have never trained our subtle abilities then we are only experiencing a fraction of what is around us. It is not a special gift, I trained myself to awaken these latent talents and I have trained many others too. It is true that I have been called to this work though and chosen to bring Light into our world, which I could never have imagined in my wildest dreams before my awakening, and there is no doubt that I have had a lot of help and guidance from spiritual forces in my development and also in my work. But the point is, anyone can learn how to do most aspects of this work.

Each day when you come home from work or people visit you, what energy do they leave behind?

I hope this gives you a quick overview of why a house or land may need some work.